Are you an insurer with an LERG product, a letting agent, a property management software vendor or property website owner? Our white label solution allows you to offer your customers a fully branded tenant referencing solution with your own secure login page, branded reports and invoices. There are many advantages to providing a fully branded experience to your customers. Not only does it mean that your cusomers no longer need to approach potential competitors to obtain references, you can also earn a substantial commission on every application we process for you.

We offer various levels of integration and payment options depending on your exact needs:

  • Hosted Portal - direct access to your own branded tenant referencing portal hosted by us. We can have you up and running in a matter of hours. Your customers gain access to our full range of features. You can add new customers or monitor the progress of your existing customers’ applications via your own white label administrator account. You earn money on every application and we'll send you a monthly commission check.

  • Static links - include a single static link on your website and we do all of the hard work of verifying IDs and collecting payments on your behalf.

  • Pre-paid link - allows you to generate unique prepaid links to include in emails or on your web site. You collect the payments and generate the links using a simple secure algorithm.

  • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) - our intuitive SOAP API allows you to deliver all of the value of our software and services through your own web portals or software. Not only can you submit new applications via this API, you can also check the status of existing applications, access current or historical reports and even view the case notes added by our agents that provide real-time status on each application.
Please don't confuse our service with similar services which offer little more than basic credit checks. We offer a comprehensive tenant referencing service including credit checks, landlord, employment and account references (whichever are appropriate for the tenant). Basic credit checks are a good starting point but even tenants with a good credit history can have a chequered employment history, be on a short term contract or be planning to leave their job. Likewise, we believe it's critical to obtain references from the tenant's previous landlord to verify that they fully met the obligations of any previous tenancy agreements.

Experience tells us that as many as one in six tenants will fail based on a poor employment or landlord reference.

Please contact us today to discuss your requirements, obtain your developer API key and a copy of our developer reference guides.

Our white label product is proving very popular with insurance providers and property management software vendors. Our flexible software stack allows for multiple integration options and our partners benefit from generous commission payments on each application.
Adam Cheshire, Director

  • Insurers
  • Software Vendors
  • Property Websites

Benefits for Insurers:

  • Earn excellent commissions
  • Offer end-to-end service for letting agents
  • Avoid customers having to approach competitors for tenant references
  • Offer a fully branded experience
  • Optional online payments for tenants (in Scotland) and landlords
  • Best in class referencing service
Example report

Benefits for software vendors:

  • Earn excellent commissions
  • Avoid customers having to double key data
  • Offer seamless branded experience
  • Multiple integration options including comprehensive SOAP API
  • Optional online payments for tenants (in Scotland) and landlords

  • Client Login Page

Benefits for property website owners:

  • Earn excellent commissions
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Minimal integration effort
  • Optional online payments for tenants (in Scotland) and landlords
  • Deliver 'one-stop' experience

  • Client Login Page